Technology, Life Skills and Corporate Social Responsibility

By Michele Cahn

Michele Cahn
Michele Cahn, Vice President, Global Government Affairs, Corporate Security, Philanthropy, and Sustainability

I had the good fortune of spending a few days in the UK with my Xerox colleagues and our customer, The Commercial Group, a fast growing channel partner and a Xerox champion

During my visit, I learned about how Xerox technology is a key enabler to The Commercial Group’s “No Limits” program, the centerpiece of their contribution to the improvement of society. It’s a tireless effort to reach young people who may not otherwise have a path to independence and economic success.

No Limits provides critical life skills to the economically disadvantaged, no matter what career or educational path the person chooses. It’s open, accessible and accommodating to even those young people with the most significant challenges — behavioral or economic. Thanks to Xerox, the program has now begun to break even, and is expected to even make a profit in the coming years.

Commercial Group uses Xerox’s Versant press to build a successful work environment where the program’s participants learn accountability and responsibility, as well as a professional skill. It even focuses on life skills, such as the importance of coming to work every day, and how to interact with people. The Versant press is being used to produce business cards, the Foundation’s most profitable offering. I met three program participants all from different backgrounds. Each valued the path the No Limits program created for them. It was a unique opportunity for me to see how Xerox technology can be used to further the societal good.

Xerox and CSR

The Global Citizenship Report shows how we continue to help people, communities and the planet grow and thrive.

The Xerox Digital Career Pathway Program is designed to help people — especially at-risk youth, the incarcerated and students — acquire the skills and knowledge they need to achieve success in digital printing.

Corporate social responsibility at Xerox: This blog reports on the Xerox programs and Xerox people who make positive impacts in the communities where we do business.

Careers in print production

It reminded me of the parallels to The Xerox Digital Career Pathway Program, an accredited certificate program aimed at student and adult learners in the United States. It’s designed to provide opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge to help drive success in the industry of digital production printing and workflow. The program is a collaboration with our customers and is dedicated to training the print industry’s future workforce. The Bridgeport (Connecticut) Public Schools began using the Digital Career Pathway Program in 2012. Like The Commercial Group, they also focus on “life skills” and critical aspects of running a business, such as pricing, timing of jobs and customer service.

Back at The Commercial Group, which also hosted a CSR day, I met with suppliers, partners, and customers from across the U.K. We shared best practices, ideas and strategies to protect our planet, inspire our people, and drive our businesses forward in a sustainable and profitable way. I wrote more about this extraordinary meeting in “Building a Sustainable Business” on They provide practical information, insight and intelligence for energy, sustainability and resource efficiency professionals with the information they need to make their businesses more sustainable.

Xerox is proud to call The Commercial Group and its Foundation our customer. I was inspired and energized by the time I spent with them. It is a great example of how, together, Xerox and our customers create sustainable businesses and become a force for good.

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