App to the Fax Rescue

by Roger Ellefson, General Manager, Office Solutions, Workflow Solutions Business Group

When healthcare providers are asked if they want to stop sending and receiving faxed patient records– it is essentially a rhetorical question. So why hasn’t healthcare sacked the fax?

While most hospitals and doctor offices have switched from paper to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, these platforms often lack a critical function: The ability to securely share patient information with other providers or other healthcare systems. Old habits prevail and fax remains the go-to method of sharing patient information. In many cases, this means printing records from the EHR and faxing the information.  On the receiving end, the provider faces the task of scanning and archiving records to their own system. Not only is this workflow counterproductive, it’s also error prone, and puts patient information at risk whenever documents are lost or get delayed during the exchange process.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult

While most providers wish for the day to stop using fax, physicians and specialists — especially at small clinics — are hesitant to change. Little time can be dedicated to learning something new, and providers fear a different solution will fall short of evolving industry requirements.

Enter the Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution – connected by Kno2®. The solution  connects the multifunction printer to a cloud network of millions of physicians and specialists via the Direct technical standard. This standard lets healthcare providers exchange health information safely, securely and easily.  Most importantly, the Healthcare MFP Solution delivers a path to interoperability – a practical way to transition away from fax workflows.

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Are you ready to eliminate the hassle of fax workflows? Learn about the power of Kno2.  

The transition begins by offering a better way to fax.  Ironic?  Yes, but starting with fax is essential because it is ubiquitous.  Clear monthly reporting on fax usage allows providers to efficiently target community partners with whom they exchange the most, and migrate them to Direct Exchange.  Quickly, the majority of exchange is no longer fax-based.

Transform paper into electronic, shareable content

The healthcare MFP solution: Xerox provides a printer app from Kno2 that improves workflow, moves information efficiently to other providers. Best of all, the Healthcare MFP solution keeps you compliant with privacy regulations.

Why the Xerox Healthcare MFP?

  • Save Time: Electronically process only the pages you need, not the pages received.
  • Save Money: Kno2 guarantees the lowest per page in the industry.
  • Mitigate Risk: Secure transmission meets federal privacy laws that protect health information.

Leslie Henry Wilson, owner of Personal Touch Health Care Services, saw the Xerox Healthcare MFP as an opportunity to improve the security and privacy of clinical documents. The digital paper trail, she says, reduces the risk of violating her patients’ privacy – a sigh of relief for this business owner.

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