Technology That Transforms Graphic Communications

By Gregory Pings

“Technology that transforms graphic communications.” That’s a tall order in an industry that is defined by transformative technology, but this is the standard for the Printing Industries of America’s (PIA) prestigious InterTech Technology Awards, which Xerox received for making a “significant impact on the print industry.”

The Xerox Iridesse Production Press, which was recognized by the PIA, gives graphic communications designers and providers instant access to print embellishments – enhancements, such as metallic gold or silver overlays on an image, or a clear ink that accentuates a specific feature in an image.

True, these types of embellishments have been around for many years with other technologies, but the process was difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

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How Xerox Iridesse helps printers expand into growing markets

Move from “ordinary to brilliantly extraordinary” printing: The Here’s how the embellishments actually look: In this video from Inkish TV, contributing editor Pat McGrew highlights print samples from Iridesse. Pat shows you how embellishments like metallic, or a clear ink overcoat, create a sumptuous overall effect. It can, she says, complement your client’s high-end packaging, direct mail or even what may be an otherwise mundane business card.

Be brilliant: Chris Scott-Gray, head of Marketing at Chester Barrie, used Iridesse to create a sophisticated invitation loaded with sparkle and allure. It helped carry a high-fashion event to success.

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“If we can add some sparkle and silver or gold, or enhance the image a bit so it really stands out,” Chris said, “that’s what’s going to attract the customer, and that’s the important thing.”

Kiss “bupkes” goodbye: Curb appeal moves real estate from “for sale” to “sold.” This insight simply restates another truism: First impressions are everything. Realtors live and die by this creed.

The truth is, curb appeal will get you exactly bupkes. That’s because few people are anywhere near a curb when they see a property for the first time. When realtors and rental agents want to get busy clients out of their office to view a property, they need a heckuva great photo that accentuates the right things about the property.

This thought might have occurred to Scott Espinoza, the CEO of Apartment Ideas. His company creates marketing collaterals for real estate management companies and rental agencies. Mark had just finished purchasing presses and equipment for his new 30,000-square foot production facility in El Paso, Texas. He figured he was done with major purchases for a while — that was before he saw the Iridesse. Chris immediately knew Iridesse’ ability to produce distinctive marketing materials within tight budgets and deadlines would be a big differentiator for his business.

Done right, curb appeal is a photo on a piece of paper that makes prospects want to get out of their chairs, into their cars, and meet a realtor at a curb. That’s how Apartment Ideas, and their clients, avoid the bupkes kiss of death.

A one-two technology punch for marketers and printers: The Xerox Iridesse Production Press brings an expanded set of metallic colors and special embellishments that make print products shine and cut through the clutter. XMPie’s Circle PersonalEffect® Edition is a Software-as-a-Service solution that manages multichannel marketing campaigns.

Seeing green in metallic gold and silver: “Once we got a demo of the Iridesse, it was clear there was nothing else on the market like it,” said Bill Conlin Jr., account executive, Conlin’s Digital Print. The Philadelphia-area printer plans to target new vertical markets that can benefit from Iridesse’ unique ability to deliver eye-catching spot embellishments and metallic hues. He also expects Iridesse will help his current customers stand out in their markets.

Meet the Xerox Iridesse

Styles may change, but your goal remains the same: Produce prints that get attention and inspire action.

See how high-end metallic invitations get attention and action.

Xerox Iridesse Production Press can make your business, your work, and your bottom line, sparkle.

Iridesse is a work horse: Meet some more printers who rave about the power of Iridesse’ automation, productivity, embellished print and registration.

Enter a new market: PrintPro Digital & Offset Printing has maintained double-digit annual revenue growth since 2012. Founder and president Bhadresh Bhatt expects that trend to continue. The first to acquire an Iridesse in Canada, Bhatt plans to enter the packaging market and build a higher profile in Winnipeg and neighboring provinces. The firm currently produces a wide range of applications including marketing collateral, flyers, postcards, tags, direct mail, catalogs, guides, manuals and annual reports.

A game changer: Glen Robins, owner of the London-based print company Instant Print West One (IPW1) said “the CMYK flat lay-down with solid colors are stunning in comparison with litho — they’re virtually like to like.” A recipient of a pre-launch Iridesse model, Robins is also a big fan of Iridesse’ metallic ink capabilities, especially when he laid gold or silver over black. “The Iridesse is definitely a game changer for my business,” he said.

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Glen Robins, managing director of IPW1 in London, shows off some of the stunning prints he’s able to produce with Iridesse.

IPW1 has long provided metallic foil stamping for certificates, invitations and other applications, but Iridesse provides its first digital metallic printing capability. “Foil will always be there, just as litho will always be there,” Robins said. “But now we can offer metallics to clients who need a less expensive alternative, or a faster turnaround or personalization.” And he believes specialty inks will bring “a whole new sphere of business.”

“With Iridesse,” Robins added, “the next year is going to be a year of great opportunity.

Built for heavy workloads and new revenue: Supply Concepts ran more than a million impressions of its bread-and-butter applications, such as books, manuals, flyers, postcards and business cards during a six-month beta test of the Iridesse. The St. Louis area based office equipment dealer features a B2B production printing department. The results of the beta testing proved that Iridesse can handle the workload, which convinced Supply Concepts president Marty Miller to acquire the press.

Miller has launched targeted marketing campaigns to promote his company’s new capabilities. “I’ve tasked our designer with focusing 100 percent on developing design concepts with the metallic and clear dry inks. That’s all I want her to think about.” Miller pointed out that gold stamping and other embellishment that the firm previously outsourced to other printers can now stay in house. “I can guarantee an uptick of $100,000 annually.”

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