Inkjet Puts Print Providers in Front of the Money

By Hubert Soviche

Hubert Soviche
Hubert Soviche, Vice President, Graphic Communications Solutions Group, Xerox International Operations

Inkjet digital production printer started with a decent reputation that only got better.

Early models of production inkjet presses across the industry were limited. Constraints included the range of substrates that could run on the presses, cost, and quality, to name a few. However, because the machines were digital, fast and workhorses, inkjet found its niche in a limited range of applications. (Such as transaction statements, or limited runs of books and owner’s manuals.)

Today, Xerox Production Inkjet Presses are primed for profitable growth.

Speed is up, quality is way up, costs are down, and the range of paper weights that can run through the press has also expanded. And then there’s the ink, paper’s life-long companion. Xerox High Fusion Ink prints on inexpensive coated stock. No intermediate coating processes are needed, nor do you need specialty ink heads. Suddenly, an inkjet print run compares favorably to an offset press.

All of this is good news for inkjet press makers (like Xerox), because these improvements allow printers to use digital inkjet on print runs that were formerly reserved for offset. It’s even better news for print providers. Each of these improvements, with more that are sure to come, means that the range of applications that printers can produce on their presses has also expanded.

Print service providers are now able to run more applications with inkjet from Xerox. No longer should they think about how much money they’ll charge for products. Instead, they should think about how to develop products that are in the path of money.

Inkjet presses and profitable revenue

Xerox Production Inkjet Presses: Production inkjet presses are designed to maximize operational effectiveness, and help you add tangible value. Our portfolio makes it easy to get started and grow with inkjet.

Xerox High Fusion Ink: Print offset-like quality on coated, or uncoated, media.

Digital Printing Hot Spot: Xerox subject matter experts, industry consultants, partners and customers share ideas, insights and trends to help you meet your customers’ growing demands.


The path of money

In an industry that produces paper-based marketing material by the ton, profitable growth is found at the intersection of the physical sheet of paper and the digital webpage. Digital allows print providers to help their customers blur the line between these physical and digital worlds. This is why Xerox hosts the INKjet-setters Summit in Marseille, France. The summit places print providers at the center of what’s happening in the world of inkjet. This showcase of ground-breaking technology allows print providers and to hear from industry leaders and partners who found profitable growth at the intersection of the physical and the digital worlds.

Here’s an overview of some of the ways inkjet can place our customers in front of the money.

Triggered Direct Mail Gets Results for Marketers: Based on the action a consumer takes on your website, a particular “trigger” determines the type of printed message. The communication is mailed quickly, within 24 to 48 hours, while the action and motive are fresh in the consumer’s mind. As a result, the attention of a highly qualified prospect may be captured at the peak of their purchasing probability. Examples of behaviors that could trigger these messages:

  • Service reminders from your car dealer, which include pertinent coupons.
  • Refinancing offer when a bank customer’s loan balance reaches a certain level.
  • Discount on a purchase when a customer signs up for a branded credit card, such as a personalized catalog or a coupon that encourages another in-store (or e-store) visit.
  • A visit to a cruise website triggers an offer on a high-end postcard.
  • An inactive loyalty club member receives a reminder to use existing points, sweetened by an offer.

Data is essential for triggered direct mail, because it’s how you personalize the message, create consumer action, and it’s how you measure results. Learn more.

The Inkjet Opportunity: This white paper looks at how production inkjet can transform your print operations. It will also help you understand what you must consider when you compare inkjet to offset and xerographic technologies. Learn more.

8 Resources for Your Production Inkjet Printing Journey: Production inkjet technology is attractive to printers for many reasons, but it’s a serious decision to make. The full benefits of inkjet are best achieved through careful research and consideration. This article shares resources that can make your inkjet journey faster and smoother. Learn more.

Tales of Inkjet Success from the Inkjet Summit: Inkjet is more than a great piece of equipment. However, buyers want to be sure they get what fits their business strategy. Here’s a look at how inkjet added value to postcards through personalization for a direct mailer.  Learn more.

Book Publishing Case Study: Office Depot Adds Inkjet Press to Pursue Education Market: Print experts from Xerox, Office Depot, Hunkeler, and Gimbel & Associates share their work and partnership. Here’s an overview.

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of an Inkjet Press: A step-by-step guide that covers all aspects of purchasing an inkjet press, and uncovering any hidden fees lurking beneath the surface.  Learn more.

The production print market is an exciting place to be, but it’s not without challenges. Constant evolution in how the world communicates has meant drastic changes in the business of print. Inkjet allows our customers to transform their operations, and position themselves to meet their clients’ communication needs, as well as be ready for what tomorrow holds.

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  1. Paul J Gardner December 3, 2018 -

    High Fusion Ink is getting right at the heart of one of the biggest opportunities to increase the value of Production Inkjet Printing – removing substrate constraints!

    Once Printers and their customers don’t have to settle for severely limited paper choices, creative thinking expands possibilities for data-drive Print begin to explode!

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