Xerox Working to Create a World Worthy of Our Next Generation

By Michele Cahn

Michele Cahn
Michele Cahn, Vice President, Global Government Affairs, Corporate Security, Philanthropy, and Sustainability

The challenges of today’s world will surely impact future generations. That’s why Xerox supports the belief that we all must share a vision of corporate social responsibility. More than a good thing to do, socially responsible businesses are efficient and cost-effective. On a practical level, social responsibility allows us to bequeath the resources that tomorrow’s businesses will need to thrive.

In the 1980’s, Xerox invented the “power down” mode in office equipment for the productivity, environmental and cost-saving benefits it would bring to customers.

A few years later, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency asked Xerox to join them as a founding member of ENERGYSTAR for office equipment. That was 26 years ago. Last week, the world celebrated ENERGY STAR Day, and the responsible choices our customers make every day to save energy, save money, and protect the environment by choosing ENERGY STAR certified products. Sometimes, you use less energy by using products that are designed better. Sometimes, you use less energy by using tools and services that allow you to use these products less often.


The Xerox report on corporate social responsibility

We were one of the first companies to report on our environment, health and safety performance goals.  Twenty-odd years later, these early investments produce significant business results, with more and more employees, investors and customers expecting and demanding companies operate in a sustainable way.

Moreover, it’s no coincidence that Xerox’s focus on social responsibility coincides with innovation. We create products and services that help our customers be more productive, profitable and sustainable.

To overstate the obvious, corporate social responsibility creates better businesses, and a better planet.

A 2017 study by Cone Communications found that more than 60 percent of Americans hope businesses will lead social and environmental change in the absence of government regulation. Most consumers surveyed (87 percent) say they will purchase a product from a company that supports environmental or social issues. On the flip side, 76 percent say they will not buy from a company if they learn it supports an issue they oppose.

Xerox has published its Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report. It’s the latest in a series of annual reports that began in 2005. They summarize our sustainability efforts across operations in 160 countries, customer locations and communities.

More info: Xerox and corporate social responsibility

2018 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report more information about Xerox’s citizenship activities.

This blog’s Corporate Social Responsibility archive: Stories from across the company show how Xerox and Xerox people are good stewards of our environment, and the communities where we do business.

Standards for Corporate Social Responsibility

Our report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, and maps to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established in 2015.

Earlier this year, Xerox published its first ever comprehensive data summary of its goals and performance across environment, social and governance dimensions.

The larger and more comprehensive 2018 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report focuses on how Xerox continues to innovate for sustainable services and products. We improve productivity through new technologies that connect the physical and digital worlds, without adversely affecting the environment, or human health and safety.

As an example, Xerox launched a program “You print one, we’ll plant one.” Through a partnership with PrintReleaf, Xerox customers can offset their overall environmental footprint from printing by directly donating to global reforestation efforts.

Tomorrow’s businesses will inherit our world. Each of us should make sure that we give them something worth having.

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