Jim Mignano

Social Marketing Coordinator

Jim Mignano is a social marketing coordinator at Xerox and serves on Xerox's social and content marketing teams, performing a number of tasks that help to create advocacy around the company's transformation to a world leader in business services.

Innovating Together – Beyond the Healthcare Facility

By |Jul 8, 2014|

Simpler thinking and new technologies are shifting the healthcare landscape and improving patient care.

Creativity, Innovation and the Evolution of Print

By |May 16, 2014|

Once dismissed as a dying medium, print gets a ‘wow’ transplant when it integrates with digital technology.

What Did They Say About simple@work?

By |Apr 2, 2014|

Here’s how executives from a diverse set of industries learned how to answer the question: ‘Are my business processes working or winning?’

From Here to There – The Simple Way

By |Mar 20, 2014|

Innovation in transportation picks up steam, leading to the most use of public transit since 1956.