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How to Secure Documents and the Devices that Print Them

By |Mar 10, 2017|

Did you know documents, printers and multifunction printers can be susceptible to hacking? The problem is most data breaches happen by accident, because of people’s carelessness. Rarely are malicious attacks made intentionally on printers. More likely, it’s just old-fashioned human error that leaves documents wide open for hacking. So how can you protect your documents? We’ve compiled a handy guide to help you do exactly that.

Manufacturers Talk Services at Aston University Servitization Summit

By |May 28, 2013|

By Alan Charnley, managing director, Xerox UK and Ireland

The last time I was on the campus of Aston University, I was receiving my MBA in Business

Why Servitization is Vital to UK Manufacturing Growth

By |May 16, 2013|

By Tim Pearce, European offer manager, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox Europe

Next week, Aston Business School will be holding a two-day summit to explain the concept of

Do You Have the Full Picture? The Five Hidden Costs of Enterprise Print

By |May 10, 2013|

By Conrad Mills, services line marketing manager, Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox Europe

A few days ago I was pondering the top 10 business priorities for CIOs, as

Good Customer Service Requires Global Consistency

By |May 1, 2013|

By Conrad Mills, marketing manager, Xerox Europe

Think about the best customer service you’ve ever had. What made it stand out? Chances are one of the reasons was that