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How to Secure Documents and the Devices that Print Them

By |Mar 10, 2017|

Did you know documents, printers and multifunction printers can be susceptible to hacking? The problem is most data breaches happen by accident, because of people’s carelessness. Rarely are malicious attacks made intentionally on printers. More likely, it’s just old-fashioned human error that leaves documents wide open for hacking. So how can you protect your documents? We’ve compiled a handy guide to help you do exactly that.

Make Sure Your DAM Project is Successful

By |Feb 23, 2015|

Four best practices to assure your digital assets are used well (and correctly) across your enterprise.

7 Tips to Get Your Message Across Loud and Clear

By |Dec 17, 2014|

Unclear prose, too much information or poor organization can confuse your readers. “Communications engineering” can solve these problems.

Key to Challenger Sales: Teach Your Customer Something New

By |Aug 18, 2014|

Un-Teach, then Re-Teach Your Customers: It’s Why Challenger Sales Work

6 Silo-Busting Ideas That Connect Operations To Marketing Strategy

By |Oct 31, 2013|

By Catrina Logan Boisson,  director, Customer Communication Services, Xerox

Forget the all too familiar funnel, or Seth Godin’s megaphone or even, dare I say, the latest versions