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Paris Climate Agreement: No Change for Xerox

Jun 9, 2017|Social Responsibility|

Xerox maintains its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.

To Have Influence Upon Influential People

Jun 7, 2017|Corporate|

It’s the analysts who say that Xerox Analyst Relations programs are the industry’s best.

Sustainability: The Often Unspoken Term

Jun 5, 2017|Social Responsibility|

How Brother Dominic and the Maytag repair man helped us embrace sustainability.

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    ‘Wall of Innovators’ Showcases Xerox’s Past and Future

‘Wall of Innovators’ Showcases Xerox’s Past and Future

Jun 2, 2017|Innovation|

Xerox’s innovation history and future are on display at the New York Stock Exchange’s “Wall of Innovators Gallery.”

The Problem with Printers, and How Xerox Solved Them

May 30, 2017|Workplace Solutions|

Shouldn’t a printer be as easy to use as a smartphone? Yes, absolutely!