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My Climb Up Mount Everest

Apr 27, 2018|Our People|

Mathieu Durand’s first attempt in failed as a result of pneumonia. But the Everest magnet is strong – his second attempt is underway.

Print is Certainly Not Dead

Apr 25, 2018|Graphic Communication Solutions|

Plain old print is making a comeback, and a Xerox executive explains why.

Help Preserve the Planet After Earth Day is Over

Apr 20, 2018|Social Responsibility|

We asked 27 Xerox employees how they use the 3 R’s in their everyday lives. And they told us.

Distracted Driving: One Call Can Change Everything

Apr 18, 2018|General|

Hands-free technology is about convenience, not safety. 7 tips that will help you arrive safely.

Xerox Reverse Supply Chain Makes Every Day Earth Day

Apr 16, 2018|Social Responsibility|

Xerox practices reduce, reuse and recycle at its R2 certified facility in the United States.