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Hiring Veterans Has Always Been a Great Idea

May 24, 2018|Our People|

It just makes good business sense to hire veterans, and Xerox has exercised this good sense for many years.

10 Xerox Trivia Questions

May 22, 2018|Corporate|

“What is Xerox?” was the correct “Jeopardy!” question on May 21. Save this for your next trivia competition.

How Safety and Wellness Are Related

May 21, 2018|Corporate|

Good health and better job performance are related. Here’s why – and how.

See How We Design for Accessibility

May 17, 2018|Corporate|

Accessibility provides universal access, regardless of physical ability or platform.

Xerox People Take a Day Off for Their Communities

May 16, 2018|Social Responsibility|

500 employees spend a day weeding, painting and sprucing up for non-profits.