Postcards from the Road: Helping Procter and Gamble Put Mobile Print into Practice

Submitted by Matt DeRoller, chief architect, MPS platform, Xerox Global Services

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of introducing our mobile print solution to the Procter & Gamble leadership team at their annual Goldmine event, a day P&G created to encourage collaboration and innovation among its technical and strategic partners.

Our booth was flooded with traffic – right away people wanted to try out mobile print. The workflow was very simple:

  1. Visitors to our booth used their PDAs/Smartphones to send documents to the email address we had posted on the booth.
  2. Once they received an email confirmation code, they’d walk up to the ColorQube 9203 to retrieve their print jobs using mobile print application.

Everything happening on the printer interface could also be seen on a plasma display screen in the booth so that folks waiting in line or walking by the booth could see mobile print in action. Xerox CTO, Sophie Vandebroek used the mobile print solution to print her airplane boarding pass, and was on hand to discuss the technology with our P&G partners.

The P&G folks were excited and eager to start using mobile print. We heard lots of “Oh man, when can I have it?” and “Really, it can do that?” Yes, it really can.

The mobile print solution is the first result of the Xerox and P&G Innovation Council, created to explore future work and technology trends, and design solutions that will benefit the P&G business. Mobile print supports P&G’s “Give Back 500 Million Minutes” program by reducing time employees spend on print and output related issues. It is available to all Xerox Enterprise Print Services customers.P&G Uses Mobile Print

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