Celebrating In-Plant Print Heroes

With February being In-Plant Awareness Month, we’re celebrating in-plant print heroes who go above and beyond to support their organizations and communities. An “in-plant” is essentially an in-house print and copy center that serves its parent organization’s internal communications needs—both in print and digital. The in-plant heroes we’re featuring are improving lives each day by putting people before pages.

Here are three inspiring stories from in-plant heroes who use Xerox products and technology to get the job done. See how their efforts are elevating everyone’s game, and taking day-to-day work to a higher, more meaningful place.

Tasha Carter, Digital Learning Academy Director
In the heart of Los Angeles, Tasha Carter turned an old building into an in-plant print center for the YWCA. She decided to put these resources to an extra use—training at-risk youth and underprivileged adults for good jobs in the digital printing industry. Carter and her team run hundreds of print jobs each week in what’s now called the Digital Learning Academy. The program’s graduates are finding employment in digital industries that desperately need qualified workers. Watch the video to see their stories.

Cathy Skoglund, Print and Imaging Lab Director, Arizona State University (ASU)
Cathy Skoglund took ASU’s formerly “slow” and “behind-the-curve” print center and transformed it into a cutting-edge Print and Imaging Lab, which teaches students how to really solve problems. Now the Print and Imaging Lab is a zero-cost operation and a communications hub, especially for the marketing department. The in-plant lab churns out long print runs and large-sized prints quickly, which saves ASU money on creating marketing materials. These marketing materials, in turn, help attract hundreds of tuition-paying students each year. Best of all, the ASU students working in the print lab are integral to these successes, and they’re gaining hands-on experience along the way. Watch the video to see the full story.

Michael Slanco, Sponsor and Donor Services Senior Director, Compassion International
Michael Slanco and his team at Compassion International are working hard to improve the lives of 1.8 million children across the globe. What’s one surprisingly effective tool in their mission to eliminate poverty for good? Personalized communications. Slanco and his team use high-tech digital presses and software to create personalized letters—both print and digital. These highly personal communications connect sponsors to those in need, one child at a time. Watch the video to see how Compassion is showing underprivileged children they are loved.

Do you know an in-plant hero who dares to do more? Please share your story in the comments below.

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