Xerox Takes the Stage at the Lyra Imaging Symposium

— Bob Wagner, Director, Corporate Industry Analyst Relations, Xerox

The theme of this year’s Lyra Imaging Symposium here in Palm Springs is “Navigating the Road to Profitability.”  With the economy on the rebound, the feeling at this perennial industry happening is upbeat and optimistic.  And Xerox is here, as always, with a strong industry leadership presence.

David Bates, VP, office marketing programs, was yesterday morning’s office keynote. David shared his thoughts on how Xerox is creating differentiated value in the office environment, for customers and channel partners alike.

David Bates, VP of Xerox Office Marketing Programs, takes the stage today at the 14th Lyra Imaging Symposium in Palm Springs to discuss how Xerox creates value for customers and channel partners in the office environment

“I’m gratified to be among the keynote speakers at the 14th Lyra Imaging Symposium,” said David.  “This marquee annual event covers the current state and future direction for the digital imaging industry.  We learn a lot by being here, and we share a lot with our peers and Lyra’s top analysts.  This is a must-attend event for the leaders in our industry.”

The Xerox “Photo Guy,” Brian Segnit, was also on-hand — lending his wisdom and wit to the photo output panel yesterday afternoon.

Finally, Kurth Anderson, VP, enterprise print services, helped round-out the first day of the symposium by sharing his broad and deep industry knowledge during the managed print services portion of the program.

Xerox is Ready for Real Business in 2011, and we’re pleased and proud to again be a sponsor and major contributor to this terrific Lyra Research symposium.  Congratulations to the organizers.

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