Xerox Named Canada’s Best Diversity Employer by MediaCorp

— By Mandy Shapansky, president and CEO, Xerox Canada

It’s no secret among workers that  Xerox is a very diverse company. So it’s really special when you get external recognition for placing a focus on hiring a multicultural workforce.

For the second year in a row, Xerox Canada has been selected as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers by MediaCorp. It’s no mystery why, either. Dating back to our company’s first chairman, Joseph C. Wilson, Xerox began to actively cultivate a corporate culture of inclusion with a focus on hiring diverse workers. This early attention to diversity has evolved and amplified over the years, leading Xerox to foster an impressive multicultural workforce with an emphasis on equality. Today, my Canadian leadership team is composed of five women and five men, three of whom are visible minorities.

When I accepted the award last week in Toronto I shared with the audience that having a diverse workforce just makes sense. In fact, it’s just good business. All the diverse viewpoints of our employees have helped keep Xerox on the cutting edge of innovation. Through this all-embracing approach to business, we have not only been strengthening our company, but also contributing positively to our country and its economy, taking full advantage of Canada’s diverse citizens.

Diversity is a constant we can be proud of at Xerox Canada. We live and work in a diverse world and we consider having a diverse workforce a competitive advantage. When we foster an inclusive culture it leaves no stone unturned, allowing us to reach our full potential. Diversity and inclusion benefit everyone, and it’s part of our way of life at Xerox.

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