Where Can Cities Turn to Find New Opportunities to Save Money?

— By Russell Peacock, president, Xerox North America

How can municipalities stretch tightening budgets even further? By taking another look at the way they manage print. Cities across the U.S. are re-evaluating how, where and when they print documents to save money, meet environmental sustainability goals and to let employees focus on community service instead of print-related activities.

For example, the city of Rochester, N.Y. will save $2 million over the next five years – using the tools Xerox uses to save millions for large corporations – to better control print costs and keep employees and their print technology working more efficiently.

Using a managed print services (MPS) strategy to consolidate and replace unused or outdated printers, Rochester will also add 24 Xerox ColorQube® 9200 Series multifunction printers (MFPs) to save money on color printing and meet green goals with solid ink technology, a cartridge-free design that generates 90 percent less supplies waste than traditional laser printers.

Finding ways to reduce costs and re-invest money into community programs tops “wish lists” across the public sector – check out this video about what Rochester discovered using MPS, and check out our YouTube channel for examples of other cities doing the same.

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