We Interrupt this Blog to Talk About …Interruptions

by:  Laurie Riedman,  Xerox public relations consultant

We’ve all had those moments.  Moments when you are focused on preparing for that key presentation or maybe you are working feverishly to meet a deadline … and then ”IT” happens.  You hit a snag that interrupts “the flow” and takes you off track.

“IT” could be an inbox so overloaded you can’t find that document you really need NOW  or perhaps you walk up – no make that run –to the printer to pick up a document you need immediately only to find that the toner is out or it’s giving you some funky error message.

According to research firm Basex , unnecessary interruptions consume about 28 percent of the knowledge worker’s day.  And in fact Jonathan Spira, chief analyst at Basex and author of Overload!  How Too Much Information is Hazardous To Your Organization sees interruptions and their recovery time as part of an even bigger employee productivity issue called information overload.  He estimates the cost of information overload to the U.S. economy was $997 billion dollars in 2010.

This is why Xerox is really in the real business business (hint: the name on this blog is not a coincidence).

Our customers want tools and services that help their employees become more productive and free up their time so they can be innovative and solve bigger issues than how to change a toner cartridge.  As a result – our scientists are busy incubating innovations that make your life easier.

Just this week we unveiled a prototype of a new customer care technology — developed by Xerox Research Centre Europe — that uses Web-based 3D virtual reality imaging to give Xerox customers instant access to live support for their printer or multifunction device just when they need it.   This WILL help you clear that paper jam or know how to change the toner quickly without hassles.  Check out the news release and a video demonstration.

Well, speaking of interruptions – while I’ve been writing this blog post I’ve heard my inbox chime go off at least six times and I’ve gotten three phone calls.  Soooooo – it’s back to my real business at hand – getting this blog post up.   I hope you can focus more on your real business too.

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