The Pace of Innovation Accelerated


Giuseppa Baranyi, Manager, Materials Integration Laboratory Xerox Research Centre Canada

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada celebrated a significant milestone this month, one that is a testament to the creativity and innovation Xerox brings to Canada and the world every day – our 1,500th patent (U.S. Patent 7,875,411). And that patent is an important part of a portfolio that increases the sustainability and lifecycle of photoreceptors.

The milestone comes only five years after we reached 1,000 patents. Obviously the meaning here is the pace of Xerox innovation has accelerated. Last year, our Canadian research scientists registered 140 patents – nearly double the yearly average from previous years.

This great news followed two other recent honours celebrated by XRCC. Our vice president and director, Dr. Hadi Mahabadi, was awarded the Printing Industries of America’s Robert F. Reed Technology Medal for his outstanding contributions to the graphic communications industry. The accomplishment earned Hadi some much-deserved recognition in ComputerWorld Canada, PrintAction, and

As Hadi told ComputerWorld, the honour of winning such a prestigious award was the second reason for him to celebrate in March: “When I received this award, it was the day after I became a grandpa. I dedicated the medal to my grandson.”

And two of our researchers — Patricia Burns, Hwee Ng—were presented the American Chemical Society Award for team innovation. The award recognizes tenacity and teamwork during the development of emulsion aggregation (EA) toner.

Congratulations to Hadi, Pat and Hwee and to all of the distinguished scientists who are helping shape the future at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada!

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