Taking the Lock Off Color Printing in the Office Makes Business Sense


By:  Patti Quinn, Xerox public relations

OK – so giving employees the ability to print in color every day may not be as exciting an enterprise-wide iPad deployment – but color can generate big returns.

A recent survey commissioned by Xerox takes a look at the way people print in the workplace and how using color can have an effect.

So, what can be learned from the survey?

Despite the fact that 43 percent of the U.S. adults surveyed by Xerox are more likely to pay a bill on time if the due date is highlighted in color – only 13 percent of respondents working in an office use color within documents to incite action.  That’s a missed opportunity to directly improve an organization’s bottom line.

Here’s a look at how color is used in the office and its impact:

Do you think office color printing is as ubiquitous as conferences calls? Think again. The survey found that 25 percent of respondents are not allowed to print in color with 90 percent citing cost as the reason their color printing is restricted.


Luckily, new technologies are making color printing affordable. Xerox’s solid ink technology broke new ground in office color printing by turning the cost equation on its head, allowing businesses to pay for only the amount of color on a given page.  Xerox’s new ColorQube 9300 Series can cut color print costs in half.

Color is having a big impact for companies that realize its strategic value. As a result of installing 140 Xerox ColorQube multifunction printers, Cleveland-based health insurer Medical Mutual of Ohio is able to print more in color while serving customers better and saving thousands of dollars on administrative costs at the same time.

Watch Medical Mutual of Ohio’s full story: 

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Are you given the freedom to print in color at work? Tell us how color has impacted your business in the comments and check out color psychologist Jill Morton’s three step process for finding colors that sell in the Xerox newsroom.


About the April 2011 Xerox Color Survey

The online survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Xerox analyzed responses among 2,124 U.S. adults with 781 employed in an office. The research examines the reasons why people choose to print in color at work and their opinion on the benefits of color use in business documents. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. Full data tables available upon request.

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