You’ve got mail. And we have a better way to manage it.

Joe Doherty, executive vice president and chief operating officer,
ACS Government Solutions

If you don’t think there’s a lot of email flying around these days, consider this: In the time it takes you to read this sentence, some 20 million emails entered cyberspace.

Now take a good look at your inbox.  As businesspeople, we’re sending or receiving a total of 105 emails a day.  While you’re quickly trying to figure out if you’re above or below average (I’m unfortunately way above average), know that one thing is certain—most of us don’t worry much about how our email gets to its destination, we just want to make sure it does.

But managing complex email systems isn’t easy, especially if you’re a government agency facing an ever- tightening budget belt and increasing pressure to streamline operations.

That’s one reason the state of Florida turned to ACS, A Xerox Company to develop and manage a statewide email system.  The state says it will eventually save $15 million by consolidating more than 30 separate state email systems into a single solution that will improve communication, reduce costs and give state employees more freedom to focus on citizen service instead of redundant administrative tasks.

And when it comes to email, government agencies have special security and compliance needs and the solution we’re helping Florida with will make sure those requirements are met.

Because we have a deep understanding of how government agencies work is a key to why ACS is the one of the largest providers of services to the public sector.   As our clients’ needs change we’re able to help them find ways to meet new challenges and transform operations, just as we’ll do in Florida.

You can learn more about our solution at, and after that, it’s OK to go back to checking your email.

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