Business Process Outsourcing

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What’s Next for Transportation?

By |Dec 29, 2015|

Connected vehicles, parking and the sharing economy: What we learned in 2015 and our predictions.

5 Things You Don’t Know about Vehicle Passenger Detection

By |Dec 28, 2015|

Automation and video analytics provide a valuable tool for traffic enforcement agencies.

5 Reasons Why Automation Will Improve and Expand in 2016

By |Dec 23, 2015|

Xerox executive says automation is ready to break out and disrupt “business as usual.”

Here’s What’s Wrong with Health Insurance

By |Dec 21, 2015|

People don’t have enough information during open enrollment to make good health insurance choices.

Look Who’s No. 1 in Business Process Services

By |Dec 18, 2015|

Everest Group placed Xerox at No. 1 on its list of Top 50 Business Process Services Providers.