#FocusFriday: Help Me Help You

by Mike McCann, vice president U.S. Field & Sales Operations, Xerox

As anyone in sales knows – your first priority is always to be there for your customers. While true, what I’ve learned through my sales career is that sometimes not being there is just as impactful. Sound counterintuitive?

Consider this:

  • How would you rather use your mortgage broker’s time: have them personally deliver each document you need to sign throughout the loan process – or – use an automated system for that so they can focus on finding you the best loan rate.
  • What about your travel agent? Is it necessary for them to call every time the airfare drops to your favorite destination – or – would an email alert suffice so they can focus on arranging an amazing vacation for you to enjoy.

For my team, we’re always looking for ways to free up time so we can focus on delivering premier offerings to our reseller partners and their SMB customers. One thing I don’t want our partners or their customers worrying about is placing a service call for printer supplies.

Enter Xerox eConcierge. This cloud based offering allows users to install an app that monitors printer supplies and notifies them automatically when a device on their network is running low on a supply. With a click of a button, a user can place an order for new supplies that arrive within 24 hours. Plus, eConcierge customers earn service entitlements – in other words, we’ll fix their devices if they break – allowing users to extend the life of their assets at no additional cost.

I know this blog series “focuses” (pun intended) on ways individuals improve their concentration on the task at hand, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about eConcierge.

What it means for my team and our resellers is that they can focus on developing new services and offerings for SMBs, without having to take time out to field supply requests. End users win by having speedy delivery of supplies.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s no replacement for direct contact with customers – but for me and my team I’d rather we focus on ways to drive growth for our reseller partners – and let eConcierge place the next order for yellow toner.

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