FocusFriday: It’s Time to Take Off the Hawaiian Shirt

By, Alexander Charles, Public Relations Coordinator, Xerox Global Public Relations

Recently, I wrote a blog  on some of the telltale signs of when a vacation is needed; lack of enthusiasm, chronic fatigue and constant worry.  Ok, so now you’ve taken that vacation; how exactly do you switch gears back to work?

Here are some tips that help me focus after a break or vacation.

Understand the vacation lag– Have you ever taken an extended break from an exercise regimen and tried to jump right back in?  When you try to pick up where you left off you may experience some aches and pains.   The same can be said of your work regimen.  To help with the transition, tackle small tasks first.  Why?  The feeling of accomplishment will motivate you to tackle the larger tasks on your to-do list. 

Continue the vacation– Just because you’ve returned to your “normal” routine doesn’t mean that your vacation needs to disappear completely. Weave leisure activities and breaks within your normal routine. For example, when time permits I pull out a book during lunch to give my mind a break.  Taking a vacation when you need a vacation is often times just too late.

Keep your habits-If you’re a morning person, don’t fall into the trap of waking up late during your break.  If you have caffeine in the morning normally; have that morning cup during your vacation.  By staying as close to your routine as possible, the transition back to work isn’t so drastic. 

Returning to work after a break should not be the end of your fun and peace of mind.  By allowing your vacation to carry over to your normal routine, you have an opportunity to not only return to work rejuvenated but with a renewed appreciation for your work. 

Keep these tips close and the words “I need a vacation” may become a thing of the past.

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  1. Laurie Riedman January 10, 2012 - Reply

    Thanks for the tips Alex. I particularly like the “continue the vacation” one …I too have been incorporating some “leisure activities” during m lunch break. For me taking a quick “walk outside” invigorates me and I think the fresh air gives me a ‘fresh start’ when I get back to my desk!

  2. caroline manzo September 8, 2014 - Reply

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