Xerox and Cisco: Helping IT Staff Navigate the Data Security Minefield

by, Rick Dastin, president, Enterprise Business Group, Xerox Corporation

Where does printer security fall on your IT department’s agenda? I’m inclined to guess it’s not on the radar for many, despite the fact that the printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) we use every day have evolved to become as sophisticated as servers – with network connectivity and hard drives – and therefore, prone to security threats.

Many businesses overlook printers and MFPs in their security plans. They need to take essential steps like enabling user authentication for device access or making sure employees are aware of IT policies to protect confidential business data, as this recent survey shows.

However, your IT staff may be challenged in this effort if they don’t have accurate visibility of your company’s printing assets – how many printers and MFPs there are, where they’re located, or if the devices have been properly configured consistent with your security policy.

Xerox has joined forces with Cisco to address these challenges. The partnership leverages the Cisco TrustSec solution, which helps identify, monitor and manage devices from a central location and protects the data paths to and from them. Security is further enhanced via real-time views and control over all users and devices on a network.

This initiative is a move to further enhance our MFP hardware and software security as a system to stay ahead of and more rapidly respond to new threats. We have long placed security as a top priority in the development of our products, as seen in this video, and we think it makes good security sense to extend our security protection to the network with Cisco. More on Xerox’s security strategy can be found here.

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