FocusFriday: The World of Analyst Relations, How to Succeed in It…and stay sane!

By, Marcia DeMinco, Xerox Analyst Relations

Are you constantly under a deadline, bombarded with requests for information, drowning in email or toggling back and forth between Twitter, Facebook and the company blog?

Let’s say my world is your world. By that I mean, just for the time being, pretend you and I do the same job.  Whether you’re a small business owner, lawyer, or an industry analyst professional (like me), no matter what your profession the demands of work are growing rapidly.  But we all have our little “secrets” to help keep us sane, focused and on track.

Industry analysts are influential stakeholders who whisper in the ears of our customers and guide them on buying decisions. My day is spent responding to requests, inquiries, briefings, phone calls, blogs, tweets and managing large-scale events to keep this key group of influencers up-to-date on the ins and outs of  Xerox’s business. Since I have my hands full (like all of us do), I was asked to share some tips on how I stay sane.

Organization for prioritization: As the requests pour in, first and foremost, don’t panic but focus.  Not every inquiry has to be completed  instantaneously.  We think in this world of instant gratification that once something lands in our laps we must take immediate action.  Not always -some things need to be thought about, reviewed and assessed.  And once that is done, you begin the prioritization process.  My goal each day is to make certain I respond to every request I receive.   Courtesy and acknowledgement go a long way.  Everyone likes to know they have been heard.

Use your relationships: Having been in the business for a while, I have secured a great team of partners and internal experts that help me along the way.   The industry analyst community is well respected and valued and executives are willing to support these requests with their time and information.  Telling the “Xerox story” with the right messages and content makes these exchanges  a win, win for the analysts and Xerox.  That’s why building relationships with analysts and executives is key. No matter your profession, relationships are critical.

Multitask: I’m constantly juggling dozens of action items at a time, such as managing the finite details surrounding a corporate briefing while simultaneously fielding questions on numerous other topics.   You never know what each day will offer you, but looking back on how you got it all done, makes it fun and rewarding.

My advice:  Be flexible, fearless and impatient, don’t panic, stay positive,  build good relationships…and learn how to juggle!   So at the end of the day, you know that you have done all you could do to succeed.

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  1. Bob Wagner March 30, 2012 - Reply

    Thank you, Marcia. You tought me well!

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