drupa: The Show is Living Up to Its Reputation

by Patti Quinn, Xerox PR

drupa, the largest print show in the world certainly is living up to its reputation.  It is a whirlwind of cultures, sounds, commotion and excitement.  With a front row view, I watch people from around the globe enter the Xerox booth – a steady stream of printers looking to us to help them succeed. 

Xerox Stand at drupa

There’s a lot of competition at a show like this – just like in business every day.  Staying focused and being productive is always the goal, but can be challenging just the same.  One way we’re helping customers do more is by eliminating bottlenecks – so more work can be completed faster and better.

For printers looking to print more profitable applications such as booklets and manuals, there’s a new solution that allows them to side-step the time-consuming efforts to put finishing touches on the booklets, such as stitching and folding.  What’s even better, this solution can be used by multiple print engines so devices are used to their maximum potential.  Early reviews are in and they are good – check out Jim Hamilton’s (InfoTrends) tweet.

We also know that very few print shops rely on just one vendor for their printing needs and each brand requires its own workflow and print instructions, contributing to complexity and bottlenecks. So, at drupa we’ve introduced software that eliminates the hassle of a multi-vendor environment so users can run jobs to a number of different printers.  Being able to print more jobs to more printers without any issues; now that is cool.

Productivity resonates across different time zones, continents and languages, which is so evident at drupa.  Watching drupa, an amazing international gathering unfold in front of me, it’s clear that we’re in the right place, at the right time, to do things faster and better for our customers.       

Beyond managing PR for Xerox, Patti’s second life is that of a hockey Mom.

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