Old Friends, New Acquaintances and My Graph Expo Twitter Feed

By Bob Wagner, Director, Global Communications, Xerox Technology Business

At Graph Expo in Chicago this week, we’re reminding the graphic communications industry: “In a world full of color, black and white still brings in the green.”

We’re doing this to support the expansion of the Xerox Nuvera® Production System—the new Xerox Nuvera® 157EA Production System and the Xerox Nuvera® 314EA Production Perfecting System.  We know monochrome printing still has a lot of life left as an economical complement to color.  For example, digital production black-and-white cut-sheet volumes for short-run and on-demand books will grow at a nearly 10 percent rate through 2016, according InfoTrends.

Xerox Booth at Graph Expo

Trade shows have a lot of life left, too, despite predictions that they’ll be replaced by vendor or virtual shows.  And at Graph Expo, we’re seeing a variety of co-located events that take advantage of the large crowds and social media posts that amplify what’s out on, and around, the show floor.

These complementary events, supported via social media channels, help make Graph into an even better place to network, learn and build strong industry connections—a place where the entire graphic communications industry comes together, often with the support of Xerox.

And, I just have to brag a bit, if you don’t mind.  Gina earned this year’s Naomi Berber Memorial Award recognizing outstanding women in the industry and John Conley, vice president of commercial print and publishing, was inducted into the NAPL Soderstrom Society, recognizing his industry contributions.

Being here for my 14th consecutive show, seeing the industry’s leaders in action, checking my Graph-dominated Twitter feed, and chatting with old friends and new acquaintances about our industry’s challenges and opportunities . . . it almost feels like home.


Bob Wagner has attended every Graph Expo trade show—as well as its more globally focused version, the quadrennial Print show—every year since 1999. You can follow Bob on Twitter @BobW_Xerox

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