2013 Restaurant Trends: Why IT Services are the New Molecular Gastronomy

By Kevin Kyser, chief operating officer, Information Technology Outsourcing , Xerox Services

Food and restaurant analysts have pin-pointed a number of growing industry trends in 2013 – many of which I can really sink my teeth into. Among them: a wider array or portable food, vending machines that churn out everything from hot pizza to fresh cupcakes, and dining counters where customers can watch chefs cook and chat with them while they eat.2013 Restaurant Trends: Why IT Services are the New Molecular Gastronomy

But there’s another trend shaping the industry – and “trend” might be putting it lightly, it’s more of a technological revolution. Remember when a restaurant or other retail outlet could get by with a few cash registers and a phone line? Those days are long behind us. Today the technology revolution is being fueled by mobility, automation and the need to deliver fast, convenient service options that keep customers coming back for more. But while mobile devices and applications, new payment devices and numerous displays and customer facing systems can fuel loyalty and sales, they add to the complexity of running a business.

We’re helping McDonald’s simplify that complexity. We recently assumed the operation and management of RTS from McDonald’s Corporation. RTS provides service desk support through more than 600 employees who assist more than 17,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S., UK, Ireland and China. With our behind-the-scenes support, McDonald’s and its independent owner-operators in those countries can focus on their customers while we resolve technical issues related to point-of-sale equipment, kitchen video devices, and “cashless” credit card processing devices.

It’s an exciting addition to our retail services portfolio, and a great way for McDonald’s to concentrate on its core business of serving its customers. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to finish my McRib.


While Kevin may be the COO of Xerox’s ITO group, he also has three sons and knows firsthand the importance of keeping the target audience happy.    

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