By Mark Duffelen, director and general manager, Channels Group, Xerox UK and Ireland

Do you run a small or medium size business? I used to, and I can tell you, cost management was something that was constantly on my mind.MPS – A New Cost Saving Acronym For The SMB Vocabulary

Now, more than ever, the welfare of the European economy is intrinsically linked to the strength of small and medium size businesses. In the enlarged European Union of 27 countries, some 23 million SMBs provide around 75 million jobs – that’s about two out of every three private sector jobs –  and contribute more than half (58 percent) the total value added created by private businesses in the European Union [1].

Xerox’s European Channels Group, and its network of channel partners (including multi-brand resellers and concessionaires), is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to support these vital enterprises and reduce their costs. One such opportunity that an increasing number of SMBs are taking is the implementation of a managed print service (MPS).

The key challenge appears to be sourcing the most efficient hardware and running the best processes, all for the lowest available costs. With businesses typically adding more, not less, equipment to meet growing demand, can this aim actually be achieved? Many SMBs might think not, but then according to a recent Quocirca survey, 50 percent of them have not even heard of MPS.

Until recently, MPS was seen predominantly as a large enterprise offering. But with 60 percent of SMBs and mid-market organisations currently purchasing printer hardware and consumables on a transactional basis, the opportunity is very clear for smaller organisations to reap the benefits too.

By deploying a strategy of controlling where and how documents are printed, MPS can save up to 30 percent of operating costs.

So if cost reduction is one of your headaches, perhaps it’s time MPS entered your business vocabulary.