Awarding Hospital Excellence Is A Plus, But Knowledge Comes First At Midas+

By Tom Simas, managing director, Midas+, A Xerox Company

While there is a glut of news about the pains and problems faced by American healthcare providers, we’ve found significant bright spots that show the resolve and results of hospitals doing it right. In the case of the 1,700 hospitals that work with Midas+, the challenges are no less difficult or real than what others face. Yet, they have proven that patient care and business success are compatible, even assured.

Simply put, we know these hospitals are extraordinary. There are 24 of them that have been recognized. This puts them at the top 1.6 percent of all hospitals served by Midas+. Each hospital recently received a Midas+ Platinum Award, a recognition that reveals industry leadership and hospital excellence. We’re proud to say that Platinum Awards aren’t typical awards fare. We’re not just creating “feel goods.” The awards are based on achievement. Proven excellence. Data-driven performance.

See all the award winners – 24 hospitals of all sizes, located virtually everywhere, from Encinitas, Calif., to Columbia, Tenn.; Utah to Texas – by clicking here.Awarding hospital excellence is a plus but knowledge comes first at Midas+

We award Platinum honors to hospitals that provide exceptional healthcare delivery. We focus on each hospital’s data on utilization efficiency and outcomes. Data on length of stay (LOS), mortality, average daily census, re-admissions and more are compiled and analyzed. We use the data within our national comparative database to discover who’s doing what and how. The findings are like pearls in the Pacific. They are rewards and remnants that reflect much work, diligence and effort.

The Platinum award is a mere sliver of a much more significant “gift” shared by participating hospitals. The gold is in the richness of the data analysis. A hospital gains a clear picture of reality vs. perception. Numbers don’t lie. Perhaps even more valuable is how one hospital can compare its performance against other hospitals. It provides a roadmap to improvement – or to furthered excellence.

Time and time again, we hear from our clients that seeing comparative hospital performance is the single most “a-ha” they gain every year.

Sure, awards and recognition are always welcomed, but providing a clear picture of the roads well-traveled – and the roads to come – is the reason for the annual Midas+ symposium. We see it every year. Shared knowledge and peer participation yield greater understanding and results.



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