Never Miss a Match Again – Tennis Broadcast Info, Simplified

Women’s Tennis Association introduces “WTA TV, Developed by Xerox,” which allows fans to easily find the latest broadcast information for Premier events.

By Christine DeNering, program manager, partnerships, Global Experiential Marketing, Xerox

WTA TV_screenshotIf you’re anything like me, your personal qualities of dedication and loyalty (or addiction and obsession, as my husband would say) shine brightest when it comes to your favorite TV shows. I don’t miss an episode of Revenge, New Girl, Scandal or The Vampire Diaries – in part because I have Hulu Plus for those nights when I’m double-booked, and also in part because I have my TV Guide Watchlist to keep me up-to-date with local listings.

But sports fanatics have a challenge. Their favorite sporting events don’t exactly take place on the same day, time and network every week, making it difficult to find the right channel and time in their region. Take women’s tennis for example. The Women’s Tennis Association has 52 tournaments each year throughout the world, which are broadcast over hundreds of different TV channels in various countries. Because of this, it’s challenging for tennis fans to understand when a tournament is happening, when and where their favorite players are competing, and where they can watch in their home countries.

As a global marketing partner of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), Xerox helped simplify the viewing experience for tennis fans around the world by developing a single “WTA TV” Web page. Now, regional tournament broadcast information is available immediately at The page on the WTA’s website reads your browser settings to determine your location, then it serves up a user-friendly, interactive TV schedule. It includes a dropdown menu so that you can choose a different country/time zone.

We’ll add more features in the coming months. Things like:

  • Improved design, functionality and navigation.
  • Mobile / tablet support.
  • Video player for WTA Live shows.
  • Information on players, news articles, as well as features from other WTA partners and sponsors.
  • A social media feed so that you can see what other fans are talking about.

So fellow addicts – er, I mean, dedicated, loyal tennis fans – bookmark WTA TV, add it to your favorites list, create a shortcut for your home screen, and never miss a WTA match again.

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  1. Asa Spencer February 8, 2014 - Reply

    Very well written. Informative and witty. Loved it.

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