Four New Technologies for Pharmaceuticals

By Steve Simpson, vice president for Xerox Printed Memory

A label on a box can give you a lot of useful information. And now that we can print micro-circuits on a thin film of plastic, your labels can contain as much as 36 bits of rewritable memory that can store up to 68 billion points of data.

We call it Xerox Printed Memory.® When you place it on a product or label, you get a cost efficient, highly secure method of authenticating and verifying information about a product as it moves through various distribution channels. It can also add intelligence to objects or consumables so that you may (for instance) authenticate refills in medical devices, calibrate data with dispensing machines, and more. Xerox Printed Memory with Cryptographic Security offers brand owners product security and anti-counterfeiting solutions that are inexpensive and difficult to counterfeit, because each label is uniquely encrypted.

Xerox Printed Memory works by itself, but can also be used in combination with technologies that are already in place, such as bar codes or QR codes.

We will showcase Xerox Printed Memory at Pharma EXPO, a pharmaceutical processing and packaging conference and tradeshow. However our printed memory can be used in any sector that can gain an advantage with interactive consumables and managing usage information.

Our booth at Pharma EXPO will also include the following packaging solutions:

The Xerox Automated Packaging Solution makes it easy and affordable for print service providers to produce targeted, versioned printed packages at production speeds. The solution is complete; it includes sophisticated workflow software on the front end of our high-speed digital presses, with stackers and die cutters at the other end. The Xerox Automated Packaging Solution is designed for quick changeovers, and accommodates last-minute changes.

Xerox will display these packaging technologies at Pharma EXPO. Visit us in booth N-459 in the North Hall at the Las Vegas convention center from September 28 – 30. For more information:

Xerox BrandSecure Packaging Solution provides anti-counterfeiting measures and security for prescription drug packages. Our one-step process replaces separate post-processing imprinting and security steps that required extra labor. Xerox BrandSecure meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Drug Quality and Safety Act (DQSA) guidelines regarding the unique serialization of individual prescription drug packages.

Xerox eTRACS Technology uses the data processed by the Xerox BrandSecure Packaging Solution to provide comprehensive tracking and tracing. eTRACS is DQSA compliant and protected by multiple security measures. Built-in, real-time eTRACS analytics spotlight counterfeiting and grey market activity from production line to point of sale.

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