Counter climate change to better business

By Wendi Latko

Let’s recognize that environmental sustainability and climate change is not a political topic. Rather it’s a business imperative that will lead us to a thriving, sustainable global economy.   From an organizational perspective, it provides a far-reaching, common objective to rally our employees.  It enables them to improve the way they work and live and apply their learnings at home with their families.

Wendi Latko
“[Environmental sustainability] provides a far-reaching, common objective to rally our employees.” – Wendi Latko, vice president of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability for Xerox
Take for example, these initiatives undertaken by our employees in the United States, Jamaica and Europe.  Cumulatively, their projects reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over 1,300 metric tons; equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the annual electricity use of 200 homes.  Levels of solid waste and water use were also reduced and the financial savings were significant:

  • Improved processes to reuse toner cartridges yielded over $300,000 in cost savings, reduced waste by 366 pounds and CO2 emissions by one thousand metric tons- all on an annual basis.
  • Elimination of off-site wastes by one manufacturing plant saved $200,000, eliminated 400,000 gallons of waste-water and 245 tons of CO2 emissions.
  • Intelligent building management that reduced energy by 297,000 kilowatt hours, and saved over $24,000 in 8 months, for just one building.
  • A Xerox customer, representing a global financial services leader, who cut their annual printing costs by 35 percent, reduced greenhouse gas emissions a 32 percent and solid waste by 41 percent by implementing Xerox managed print services.

During Climate Week NYC 2016, we reflect on our employees who have make decisions and take actions that reduce our environmental impacts, operating costs and improve our process efficiency.  Their efforts enable us to achieve the goals we set in the “Road to Paris” initiative and White House American Business Act on Climate Pledge and to be named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

Learn how Xerox works with our suppliers, customers and stakeholders. We strive to maintain the highest standards to preserve our environment, and protect and enhance the health and safety of our employees and communities.

The success of their projects were possible because of the participation of co-workers, our customers and suppliers.  Their results illustrate that environmental sustainability initiatives, whether focused on greenhouse gas emissions, energy, waste or water deliver far more than just environmental benefits.  These stories provide yet another example that sustainability efforts provide the path to more efficient, cost effective processes that improve the quality of our lives and the way we work.

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