Cybersecurity: A Positive View on the Future

By Mike Feldman, president of North America Operations for Xerox

A Step Ahead
A Step Ahead: Focus on Security – download the e-magazine.

Equifax, one of the largest credit bureaus, fell victim to hackers who stole the personal data of 145 million people, including social security numbers. Questions still abound regarding that attack, such as who was behind the hack, what will the impact be, are data brokers doing enough to keep information secure?

In October, we learned that every one of Yahoo’s 3 billion accounts was hacked in 2013 – three times what was first thought when the company first learned of the breach in 2016. They too do not know who was responsible.

Government tools were leaked by the Shadow Brokers. Hospital systems were hacked.

Voter records were exposed. School districts were targeted. WannaCry, Bad Rabbit, The Dark Overlord became familiar names.

These cyberattacks, and more, point to the increasing vulnerability of our information.

As the cybercriminal industry becomes more mature, malware and ransomware become more pervasive and more malicious. And we can expect more of this in 2018. It is predicted that the Internet of Things will keep hitting multiple industries as they rely more on smart technology.

And yet, I remain optimistic, confident and excited for 2018. Our future has never been more exciting. As innovative services and technology break down barriers and present opportunities, we face a future in which we can be more productive, more connected, more secure and more informed than ever.

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At a recently-concluded Security Summit with some of our top customers and partners, we heard from industry experts like Candace Worley from McAfee; Serge Caltagirone from Dragos; Dov Yoran at Cisco; and our own Steve Hoover, who heads up Xerox research. The event was an essential day of discussions focused on smarter security so our clients can replace worry with readiness. Attendees received a copy of A Step Ahead: Focus on Security, which you can download here. This magazine contains positive insights on what’s happening today to keep information safe, and a look at future trends. I’m particularly fascinated by recurring themes such as collaboration and interoperability. In these pages, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your business-critical information safe through the eyes of the world’s most famous (former) hacker, now on the right side of the fight.
  • Enterprise-wide best practices that ensure personal information and private business data stays confidential.
  • Who’s doing what to protect your network and your documents, including new capabilities embedded in office technology through partnerships with McAfee and Cisco.

The purpose of this magazine is not to alarm, but to inform and inspire, keep you optimistic about the future of technology and the role it plays in the continued growth and profitability of your business, and free you and your organization from security risks.

The future of business has never been more exciting as we are presented with new opportunities, new tools and new innovations every day.

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