Print is Where the Physical and Digital Connect

By Gregory Pings

Long after futurists predicted the paperless office, printed words and graphics have stubbornly stuck around for one simple reason: People like print. They especially love printed, personalized messages that takes them directly to an equally personalized, and relevant, digital page.

Yes. Print does that.

At PRINT 18 in Chicago, Xerox will display digital printing presses and software that enable print service providers and designers to find the industry’s sweet spot. Xerox calls it the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. Here’s a look at what you will find in Xerox Booth 1621, which includes several offerings that the Association for Print Technologies has named RED HOT Technology — “must see” attractions at PRINT 18.

High Definition Emulsion Aggregate (HD EA) white dry ink: Called “HD EA white dry ink,” it allows print providers to apply spot effects that gives printed pieces a unique physical look and feel. This dry ink is layered underneath (or over) regular full color CMYK toner. For a greater impact, the dry ink may be layered both under and over CMYK. Moreover, you can use it on a wider range of media including black, transparent or metallic stocks, craft paper, and synthetics.

Extra-long sheet sizes for Iridesse: Iridesse can print on extra-long sheets up to 13” wide by 47.24″ long. It can also auto-duplex extra-long sheets up to 28.5” long, which allows printers to produce the tri-fold brochures that fold to 8.5 x 11 inches. That’s perfect for printed documents like menus or brochures for products or real estate.

Xerox Iridesse Production Press with Color FLX Technology:* Introduced in May 2018, this digital press has a unique six-toner-station configuration that combines four-color printing with up to two specialty dry inks. These dry inks give customers an immediate competitive edge in the growing print market. No one else has a digital press like Iridesse.

“Iridesse’s ability to print metallic colors and specialty enhancements in one printing pass has enabled us to bring previously outsourced embellishment jobs directly in house,” said Marty Miller, president, Supply Concepts. “This means faster turnaround times for our customers and more revenue for our business. We’ll also target new markets in the coming months with these new capabilities in our arsenal.”

Xerox FreeFlow Core Iridesse Accelerator:* FreeFlow Core’s pre-built workflows automate the preparation process for print jobs. In addition, print providers can change existing print jobs to add embellishments, such as to gold or silver metallic toner.

Customized Envelope Feeder and Conveyor for the Xerox Versant Family of Presses:* This affordable innovation ensures envelopes are continuously, printed and unloaded without interruption.

XMPie Circle PersonalEffect Edition:* A Software-as-a-Service solution that allows print providers and marketers to unite digital and print, and automate the deployment of every stage of an omnichannel campaign. Personal Effect allows users to track results and find out which messages are working best with which people, in which context, and in which media.

XMPie Adobe Sign Integration:* Allows customers to add automated electronic signature workflows to their personalized omnichannel campaigns without disrupting creativity or efficiency.  “At Print 18 you’ll see that there are more opportunities than ever before for personalized and customized communications across a variety of high-value applications,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, president, XMPie.

XMPie StoreFlow and MyVirtualCSR Integration:* XMPie users can now connect their StoreFlow storefronts with any industry-leading print management information system, allowing for workflow optimization, tighter control of print costs and real-time status updates.

Many AlphaGraphics franchisees create versatile marketing campaigns with XMPie Circle, which gives them a competitive edge in their markets.

“In addition to adopting the right B2B print ordering e-commerce system from XMPie to meet the printing, marketing and signage needs of the communities we support,” said AlphaGraphics president Ryan Ferris, “franchisees now also have access to XMPie’s Circle marketing automation software for designing and automating the deployment of their customers’ print and omnichannel campaigns.”

Output, Flexibility and Applications Boost for Brenva HD Production Press: Improvements to Brenva give print service providers new ways to print more jobs, and print them faster. In addition to increasing output capacity by more than 50 percent, Brenva has an expanded media range to 270 gsm – which enables jobs such as postcards or ID cards that require heavier stocks. These improvements are essential for books and manuals, as well as many transactional jobs.

“Print speed, workflow efficiency and production costs are among the top decision drivers for print providers considering inkjet,” said Marco Boer, vice president, IT Strategies. “The Brenva HD speed upgrade means print providers can get more valuable jobs out the door faster, especially in key application growth areas such as transactional and direct mail.”

* This product has been designated a RED HOT Technology.

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