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Today we introduced Enterprise Print Services (EPS) and personally, I can say we do so with great pride because it’s the outcome of three years of collaboration with our largest clients and leading industry analysts. EPS is the next generation of our industry-leading Managed Print Services (MPS) offering and we’re once again leading the market in a move to extend the cost savings, productivity, security and environmental sustainability benefits we’ve delivered in the office, across the entire enterprise.

So, what is EPS?

It’s the first offering in the industry to help companies better manage documents across their entire global print infrastructure. This means we’ve taken what we have been successfully doing in the office – saving clients up to 30 percent of operating costs by optimizing the way they print – and extended that savings opportunity to make output more efficient in the in-house print center and for the mobile, home and virtual office employee.  We are introducing breakthrough output governance tools, powerful routing tools, and multiple ways to better enable your mobile and remote worker.

While everyone is looking to save money, EPS does that – and more. Our clients are eager to innovate and give their employees new ways to work efficiently – to win new business, to get products to market, to get invoices processed, to communicate more effectively with customers.  A properly implemented EPS strategy does all this by creating a digital platform that can integrate with their overall IT strategy.

Why are customers choosing EPS? Here’s what they are telling me, and what I’m telling them:

I want a strategic partner, not a vendor – We know most companies are cutting their list of vendors and signing up with partners who can innovate the way they do business, not just provide technology. The EPS platform directly connects their print environment to their core business applications so they can leverage new technologies and design new ways for employees to work more efficiently.

Cost and efficiency is still the ticket to the game, but environmental sustainability is right up there – There are many ways EPS can lead to improved environmental impact – but it’s more than printing two-sided documents. We urge you to consider your entire output supply chain. By strategically rationalizing the ratio of output devices to your employee population, you reduce energy usage – eliminating unnecessary output to help save a significant amount of fresh water and trees.  New forms of toner and ink coupled with innovative packaging can help reduce landfill waste by thousands of pounds annually.

No big investments, I want to use what I have – Because Xerox monitors both our devices and those from other vendors, you can maximize the print infrastructure you’ve already invested in.  We fully embrace a multi-vendor strategy.

I need  easy,  global implementation – What you see is what you get from us – we have the same approach to EPS across all geographies and it’s a proven global delivery model.  We stand alone in our ability to execute with measurable, guaranteed results on a global basis and the majority of the industry case studies prove that point – as do very detailed reports from the most reputable research firms like Gartner and Quocirca who continue to recognize Xerox as the market leaders in our ability to execute what is promised to our clients.

EPS, while a new and exciting announcement for us today – is not new to Xerox.  We have been testing, piloting and implementing this strategy with several of the world’s largest corporations for over three years – and that’s not counting the eight years of MPS experience under our belt.   We wanted to make sure we were ready and the foundation was solid and consistent on a global basis when we announced this strategy today.   We are ready, and we’re excited.  No other vendor has been able to accomplish what Xerox has accomplished with our clients – our greatest sense of pride.  Success in MPS/EPS comes from effective execution, not up front promises.   Check references and portfolios carefully, and look for guaranteed, validated and clearly measured results from those you are considering – and make sure we are on your list because EPS will give you great opportunities and Xerox execution will give you results.

Click here to hear more on my thoughts about all things MPS: Xerox Managed Print Services

Jim Joyce, senior vice president, Enterprise Print Services, Xerox Global Services

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