An Instant Success: Xerox and On Demand Books Partner Up to Print Books in a Matter of Minutes

~ Submitted by John Conley, vice president of publishing, Xerox Corp

Have you ever had a tough time finding a specific novel – like a title that’s out of print?

Have you always wanted to publish a cookbook with your family’s favorite BBQ recipes but didn’t know where to start?

Maybe you’re a college student and the last copy of a textbook you needed for class was checked out – where will you turn for those critical pages?

Xerox just announced that it’s teamed up with On Demand Books to bring speed and exceptional image quality to books produced on demand by the patented Espresso Book Machine – turning what were challenges into opportunities.

nr_Xerox_4112_andEspressoBookMachine_150x100What do we mean by on-demand?

Well, this solution can print a book, for a production cost of one penny per page, in a matter of minutes.  The days of waiting for your custom books to be mailed to you or hunting down beaten copies of out-of-print books are over.

The Espresso Book Machine offers real promise for readers, authors, and print providers. Libraries, book and retail stores, even universities can offer the exact title you want, at the quality you expect – right now while you wait.

As readers’ tastes change, and technologies such as eBooks gain steam, publishers need to take a look at new distribution models and opportunities for revenue growth.  The Espresso Book Machine is changing the way books are being distributed in a way the industry hasn’t seen since Gutenberg invented the printing press by bringing the production process right to the consumer.

Sure, I work for a Xerox so I might be biased, but for me, nothing beats the look and feel of having a real book in my hands.

Read the Xerox/Espresso news release if you’d like to learn more.  What do you think?  What’ll be first on your wish list to print on-demand?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop in a comment.  Happy publishing.

— John Conley, vice president of publishing, Xerox Corp

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