Race with No Finish Line: Xerox Keeps the Sustainability Pace Going with Internationally-Recognized EarthCharter Award

Janet Harrison and Megan Hernandez receive EarthCharter award
Janet Harrison and Megan Hernandez receive EarthCharter award

–    Submitted by Janet Harrison, Solutions Services Executive, Public Sector Operations, Xerox Tampa

From its beginnings, Xerox has helped shape the idea of corporate social responsibility. Our education and social service efforts reflect our belief that a successful corporation must be an active participant in society. The impact of business on the environment is a large part of this.

We challenge ourselves to help clients meet environmental sustainability goals by inventing new products and services, while improving current ones that have smaller environmental footprints than in the past. Our clients in turn shrink their environmental impact by reducing paper consumption, decreasing power use, and eliminating landfill waste.

All of this hard work is why we are excited about winning the EarthCharter U.S. Sustainable Business Awards. Xerox’s Tampa Bay operation was honored for exemplifying the charter’s triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. The local efforts made by employees to positively impact the environment, like those in Tampa, are combined with our corporate strategy to create the success we continue to have on a global level.

The EarthCharter encompasses, as Xerox does, values and principles for a sustainable future. At Xerox we define that as a place where our world economies, societies and environment thrive together in a harmonic state. The EarthCharter recognition validates our efforts toward sustainable business practices and we’re pleased to share our “world society” and economy view with local businesses and community leaders.

Our CEO, Ursula Burns, states our position best when she says, “To us, sustainable development is a race with no finish line. It requires leadership that sets high expectations and clear direction, and innovation that constantly pushes the frontier of what is possible.”

–          Janet Harrison, Solutions Services Executive, Public Sector Operations, Xerox Tampa

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  1. Bill February 24, 2011 - Reply

    I’m sorry to see that Xerox would in any way promote the Earth Charter. The Charter’s founders and principal authors are the same men who are advocating the creation of a new global government. Have you researched the Charter before accepting this award? No need to take my word for it. Superficially the Charter seems like a good thing, but there’s a lot more to it. Please learn more about it and reconsider. Thank you.

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