Xerox ConnectKey: Our Biggest Technology Launch in 110 Years

ConnectKey is a big, huge deal. Yes, it’s important to Xerox because it’s the largest technology launch in our company’s history. But it’s even more important to our customers, and to the future of work. Here’s why.

Think of how cell phones went from chunky flip-phones a decade ago to sleek touchscreens with endless apps today. The same is true of printers. A few years ago, it was groundbreaking to combine a standalone printer, copier, scanner and fax machine into a single multifunction printer (MFP), or all-in-one device. Now ConnectKey technology takes the printer or MFP and turns it into a genuine workplace assistant. One that connects easily and securely to the cloud and mobile devices, and automates workflows for processes like loan applications or expense reports. It even has an app for translating and printing into 44 languages with the touch a button.

How? Let’s break it down:

  • Find mobile-  and cloud-ready apps for Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices in the Xerox App Gallery.

    Intuitive user experience. The tablet-like touchscreen lets you swipe, pinch and tap the same way you would on a tablet or smartphone. It’s more intuitive and simpler to use than any competitors’ front panels. You can personalize and customize the icons you see on your touchscreen: Hide what you don’t need, and move your often-used apps front and center.

  • Mobile- and cloud-ready. Everyone’s using cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Office 365 to store and share files. Now it’s easier than ever to print from, and scan to, these cloud repositories. This helps everyone get on the same printed or digital page. Other ConnectKey apps simplify the connection process with email accounts, DocuShare or Microsoft Office tools, giving mobile users instant access to up-to-date information.
  • Advanced security. ConnectKey technology offers protection from unauthorized access to devices, keeps confidential communication and information safe with encryption and image overwrite, audits device access attempts, and protects both data and device from malicious intent. An added layer of security, through partnerships with companies like McAfee, ensures devices are trusted and monitored in even the most security-conscious environments.
  • Customized experience. Add, delete or swap tools and apps to fit your evolving needs. Or collaborate with Xerox or our partners to build custom apps exactly for the way you work. This is especially popular among financial and medical clients who need to route and approve documents using specific workflows that uphold industry regulations, such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. For example, patient records filing, real estate contract management and retail invoicing can be streamlined into fewer, faster steps using digital workflows, enabled right from the device. Thousands of apps have already been downloaded from the Xerox App Gallery.

Quick Links to More Information
Learn how ConnectKey makes your printer or multifunction printer more productive.
Choose an app from our gallery to streamline your work into fewer, faster steps.
Partners in Data Protection” discusses different ways Xerox works with our customers to prevent data from getting into the wrong hands, inside and outside the work environment.*

Find ConnectKey technology on 29 new workplace assistants launching over the next few months, including the Xerox VersaLink family of printers and multifunction printers for small workgroups, and the Xerox AltaLink family of multifunction printers for larger workgroups and high-volume users. The best part? No matter which ConnectKey technology-enabled device you use—even if you use a few different models across your organization—the user experience will be the same. Learn more about ConnectKey technology.

*Updated November 30, 2017.

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  1. Zia Masoom April 6, 2017 -

    Good article, Bertrand. This launch changes the way people work in the office, and use their MFPs as true workplace assistants in ways they have never before. Happy to be a part of this revolution and expanding the ConnectKey portfolio to 29 products!

  2. jhony perker April 16, 2018 -

    this is a very good and useful article for all.Xerox content key is very useful and knowledgeable technology for all needy people.i am proud to be the part of 29 portfolio content key product.

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