Mr. Clean, Marriott’s Bellman, Helping Xerox Turn Up the Volume

–Submitted by: Christa Carone, Xerox chief marketing officer

Big day for Xerox.  Today, we  unveiled our new advertising campaign.  The time is right.  And, our message couldn’t be any more relevant.

Through many of the changes we’ve made the last few years, we’ve become the world’s largest enterprise for business process and document management.


It’s about time we turned up the volume in telling the world about the new Xerox.

I’ve been living and breathing the campaign for some time now so it’s a thrill to see it reach the media – lots of media, in multiple ways.

It’s built on a simple business insight:  In any given day how much time do we really spend on our core business?

When business processes are running efficiently, we are free to focus on the critical work that counts most, our core business, our real business.  And that’s where Xerox comes in.  We’re the partner who can take care of the back office technology and services so you can focus on real business – the things that you made great in the first place.

With our advertising agency, Young & Rubicam, we created a unique campaign that brings this message to life.

We’ve been so fortunate to work with brands like Target, P&G and Marriott – all of whom responded positively to our bold ask because they value their partnership with Xerox.  And, we were willing to feature strong brands in our campaign – knowing there is a risk to these brands overshadowing ours.   Marriott_cart_of_filesI hope that people question why a Marriott bellman is in a Xerox commercial – and that they easily connect the dots on how Xerox helps Marriott get back to their real business of delighting guests.

You’ll see the campaign in the traditional media and digital counterparts of TV and print.  But, we’re also using interactive airport units with touch-screen and motion-sensing technology, and some new apps (stay tuned on that front).  And, our Real Business site (which goes live on Sept. 7) showcases our broader business offerings through a different approach to case studies.

For the next 15 weeks, and in the months beyond, we’ll unveil  some of the most creative and breakthrough work in our history.  Ok, so I’m a tad biased, but our pre-launch campaign testing also gave us a thumbs up that our message is coming through.  So, here we go.  Target, P&G, Marriott, NY Mets, Ducati, Notre Dame and a host of other great organizations are ready for real business.  Are you?

— Christa Carone, Xerox chief marketing officer

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