Printing Anytime, Anywhere with Xerox – My Mobile Print Moment

Submitted by Deb Cantabene, vice president, solutions marketing, Xerox Corporation

As a member of the roaming workforce this week – I’m leaving the comfort of my office in Rochester for our annual Industry Analyst Briefing at CITI Field – it’s ironic that I’ll be spending my time speaking about how Xerox is helping mobile workers focus more on their business and less on how to print.

Thanks to the Xerox Mobile Print Solution we announced today, I’ll be leaving my laptop behind for this trip – gaining freedom without sacrificing productivity. I plan to simply and securely print my final talking points from my smart phone from the taxi to the MFP in my meeting room.

Here’s how it works:

· I’ll e-mail my document to a secure server my support team set up at CITI field for our event.

· Then I receive an e-mail in response with a confirmation code.

· Once I arrive at CITI field and my meeting room, I’ll enter the confirmation code into the Xerox-enabled MFP and select the document I want to print.

Mobile print isn’t a new concept for Xerox. In May, we announced a partnership with Procter & Gamble to provide a mobile printing solution to their workforce as part of their Enterprise Print Services strategy. We’re now bringing this to more customers with today’s launch of the Xerox Mobile Print Solution. It also joins the Xerox Mobile Express Print Driver, which allows mobile workers to print to virtually any printer or MFP available on the network, regardless of location or brand.

We think our approach to enterprise mobility is unique because it will work with any e-mail-enabled device – smart phone, laptop, iPad – anything. We know that easy-to-deploy solutions are important to our customers and our mobile print solution leverages our customer’s existing IT infrastructure for simplicity and security.

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  1. Walker Milner September 21, 2010 - Reply

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  2. Russel Walken July 11, 2011 - Reply

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