– Gina Testa, vice president, Graphic Communications, Xerox

QR codes are the hot topic du jour – evident last week at PODi AppForum in Las Vegas.  I know, PODi isn’t a household word, but it is a very cool digital printing conference that attracts industry leaders who are responsible for successful cross media campaigns – the ones that get you to spend your money or take action.

And so it was not surprising to see QR Codes front and center – as marketers look for new ways to get your attention.

We’re helping the graphic communications industry find new, creative ways to use QR Codes – so they can offer their clients a sure-fire way to make that brand connection with their customers.  When QR codes are incorporated into one-to-one marketing communications, smartphone users can link to websites, pictures, videos, product reviews and much more.

It is easy to do – particularly with XMPie, A Xerox Company .  Their software has a unique edge over other technology providers.  This is because with XMPie software, you never have to worry about the information in the QR Codes matching the information in the personalized communications piece on which it is included.  Consistency between the QR code and its context is automatic, because XMPie encodes and images a QR code in the same step, leaving no room for mistakes.

So, my bet is that QR Codes are here to stay – since everyone is looking for ways to develop marketing campaigns that cut through clutter and generate higher response rates.

What do you think? Will QR codes become a mainstay of marketing, or go the way of the hula hoop?