10 Ideas That Save Energy

By Wendi Latko

Wendi Latko
Wendi Latko, vice president of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability for Xerox.

 If you included “save more energy” on your list of New Year’s resolutions, Xerox can help. These tips will not only reduce your personal energy bill; they also contribute energy savings all the way down the supply chain. Responsible practices in your office are good for you, good for your business, and good for our planet.

  1. Ban the Banner: Set your print driver to use a watermark stamp, or to print your ID in the margins, instead of printing a cover page.
  2. Paper Has Two Sides: Set your print driver default settings to duplex.
  3. Draft Mode Saves Toner: When you don’t require high-quality output, draft mode uses less toner – and it stretches your print cartridge’s life.
  4. Read Your Screen: “Soft” proof from your screen before you print hard copy.

Responsible Printing Tips: This PDF shows you how to set print preferences to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

  1. Turn to Tools: Use document management solutions to share common templates, tools, and digital workflows.
  2. Digitize, Don’t Drive:  No one has ever had to drive a digital document to their records retention center.

Document Management Solutions: Whether it’s in paper, digital or both, our document solutions and services help you get maximum information value while streamlining document processes.

  1. Personalization Works: Moreover, you’ll probably use fewer prints when you personalize your message.

Production Printing: Our advanced digital printing technology and services enable the right printing applications to grow your business and boost your profits.

  1. Set a Goal: An audit will help you understand your current energy usage so that you can set energy reduction goals with your employees.
  2. Refresh and Optimize:  Old printers use more energy. So does having too many printers.

Assess and Optimize: Xerox can help you understand the full scope of your print environment across both Xerox and non-Xerox devices.

  1. Look for the Label: Energy Star and EPEAT labels tell you that your printers and multifunction printers are energy efficient.

Eco-label and Product Registry: Many Xerox products meet or exceed the requirements of the world’s most widely-recognized certifications for product environmental performance — the international ENERGY STAR, UL’s EcoLogo eco labels, and Germany’s Blue Angel.

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