Waiting to Exhale

by Bob Wagner, Xerox Industry Analyst Relations Director

The last time I held my breath this long I was taking a test to become a lifeguard.  Seems that when you lead a large-scale briefing for industry influencers, naturally, you do everything you can to ensure your “story” is heard, understood, believed and re-told – accurately.  Then you take a really deep breath, fill your lungs with plenty of oxygen and anxiously watch for the reports in print and on the Web.

That was the case with a briefing we organized in New York City for 70 industry analysts and advisors from Europe and North America.  The meeting focused on our Xerox Services Business – Document, Business Process and IT Outsourcing – our dynamic engine for business growth.

Industry analysts and advisors gathered at the legendary Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to learn about the Xerox Services Business.

Well, it’s time to exhale.  The reports are posting and they’re really positive.  The analyses we’ve seen to-date demonstrate that industry influencers understand and believe Xerox successfully has transformed into a “services-led, technology-driven” company and we are “the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management.”

Here’s a sampling of analysts reports on the Xerox Services Business:

“We have seen Xerox put its words into action, and today’s Xerox is a far cry from the company I first started covering for The Hard Copy Observer in 2004.”  – Ann Priede, VP of Publications, Lyra Research

“The overarching message of Xerox’s recent analyst briefing was about being “services-led, technology-driven.”  Xerox is certainly a company in the midst of transformation. Its total revenue has grown from $15.2bn in 2009 to approximately $23bn in 2011.  – Louella Fernandes, Principal Analyst, Quocirca

“Xerox has made significant steps in being able to “tell” its services-led story believably and cohesively, suggesting that this transition is being similarly well-executed within the organization and with its clients.”  – Jake Fishman, Senior Analyst, gap intelligence

“Eighteen months since the acquisition has closed, Xerox has demonstrated a successful integration of ACS and signs are pointing to a positive future for HR services.”  – Amy Gurchensky, Research Analyst, NelsonHall

Finally, Photizo Group told clients: “Integration of ACS seems to be going very well.  Combining Xerox’s core technology with ACS’s service expertise is clearly accelerating Xerox’s transition to a services-led company.”

So, by-and-large, the analysts understand our “services-led, technology-driven” story of transformation.  And they’re telling it to their clients, too.  In fact, about the only thing the analysts and advisors who attended our Sept. 8 briefing didn’t “totally get” was the great tennis at this year’s US Open.  It was rained-out the night we went.  Time to exhale.

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