A “Seal of Approval” for our Healthcare Services

By Will Saunders, group president, Government Healthcare Solutions, ACS, A Xerox Company

When you know you’re doing a great job, it is one thing. When that message comes from someone else, it can have a much greater impact.

In the healthcare services that ACS provides to government agencies across the country, one way that message is made clear is through accreditations.

Accreditations show our customers, partners, and investors that our services and products are up to snuff. We continue to find that clients and other stakeholders expect, and in some cases require, us to hold certain accreditations – it’s like a stamp of approval that says, “This company is as good as their word.”

I’d like to share the news that the ACS Care and Quality Solutions group has been granted full renewal of its accreditations from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission or URAC. URAC is an independent, nonprofit organization that sets uniform standards for utilization review services, the process where organizations determine if healthcare is medically necessary for a patient or uninsured individual.

Our accreditations are in the following areas:

  • Case Management, Version 4.0
  • Health Utilization Management, Version 6.0
  • Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management, Version 5.0
  • Disease Management, Version 3.0

URAC is considered the gold standard in the industry, so the renewal of our accreditations sets ACS apart from the pack and increases our credibility with our stakeholders. The ACS services accredited by URAC help our clients spend fewer dollars on administering programs and instead allocate those dollars toward healthcare services. And as a bonus, thanks to the accreditation, they do so with the peace of mind that the programs are being managed to the highest standards set by the industry.

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