Real Innovation is at Work in Xerox LiveKey

By, Ann Priede, Lyra Research

When Xerox first acquired Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) in September 2009, executives from both companies spoke a lot about the synergy between the two firms, and the unlimited possibilities of combining Xerox’s imaging and printing technology with business process outsourcing (BPO). In the intervening years, these two halves of the whole have melded in terms of financial reporting and sales and marketing, yet we were still waiting for a solution that was co-developed from the ground up and truly combined the best of both worlds.

Xerox LiveKey is such a solution. Shown as a technology demonstration more than a year ago, Xerox LiveKey is essentially a business process connector with a Xerox MFP as the onramp for a digital workflow that uses the cloud to access BPO platforms. It offers clear benefits for businesses with document-intensive work processes, such as those in the legal and healthcare industries: faster document throughput, increased security with a closed loop process, reduced errors, and lower costs. For example, healthcare firms can scan documents on site instead of mailing or faxing pages. Customers participating in a pilot program for healthcare payers noted the solution’s audit tracking and accountability because Xerox owns the end-to-end process.

While LiveKey certainly showcases the combined capabilities of ACS as the business process experts and Xerox technology as the portal to BPO services, what this solution says about Xerox’s journey down the services continuum and the firm’s unique position to provide business simplification is equally important. Earlier this year, Xerox restructured its Technology division, which is responsible for the firm’s document management business, to make the group more efficient and better-connected to its customers. At the time, Xerox said that the new structure is “simpler, more agile, lower cost, and more capable of meeting client expectations.” The Xerox LiveKey solution embodies this strategy and demonstrates how the firm is moving from internally-focused individual silos to an outward-facing customer focus that delivers new, improved business experiences.

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    Thanks for sharing the developments about xerox live key, will be waiting for its official launch.

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