Paper Stays Meaningful in a Digital World

by, Patti Quinn, Xerox Public Relations

A notable online publication recently featured articles on how  printing and paper  – in this case greeting and business cards – are making an impact in this digitally-consumed world.

Surprised?   Read on.

According to this WSJ article, after getting requests from more than half of its online customers, Paperless Post will now offer printed versions of its arsenal of e-cards.  When a company fundamentally rooted in digital products (after all, the name is Paperless!) receives such demand for printed pieces, it’s evidence that printing and paper remains as viable of a communications tool as ever.

In another digital/paper twist (mash-up?), the WSJ reported on a growing trend of innovative business cards. As people accumulate Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, they’re taking standard paper cards and turning them into carriers of social media information. Because as one digital artist quoted in the article explains, “You can’t replace the simplicity of a piece of paper for sharing that info.”

Supporting this idea, Gordon Kaye, publisher and editor of Graphic Design USA, points out that “print endures because its nature touches something human in all of us and, executed properly, forges emotional connections between and among people.”

Greeting cards, business cards – what other print pieces are built to last in an increasingly digital age?

Beyond managing Technology PR for Xerox, Patti’s second life is that of a hockey Mom.

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  1. Alana H. April 14, 2013 - Reply

    Hi there,

    I think that brochures are also in this category. They are portable and colorful, and if strategically-placed, can boost your business marketing efforts in the long term since they’re always in-your-face and attractive to the eye.


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