Wanted: Clear, Concise, And Timely Healthcare Information

By Guy Amato, managing director, TMS Health, A Xerox Company

The answers are closer than you think.

Healthcare, like the rest of the world, is changing rapidly. The confluence of technological improvement, pending regulatory requirements, innovation, and the dissemination of timely, accurate information are bringing about the most exciting and tumultuous era of modern medicine, its delivery, and consumption.Wanted: Clear, Concise, and Timely Healthcare Information

Whether it’s the use of electronic medical records to store, share, and transport information amongst healthcare providers in an effort to treat patients, building insurance exchanges to bring cost effective health insurance to more people, or using video over the Internet to educate physicians on the latest advancements in pharmaceuticals – healthcare delivery and the information that supports it has changed forever. And many argue for the better.

Xerox, through its healthcare services companies, is becoming an emerging and meaningful player in helping organize and disseminate important healthcare information to the right stakeholders at the right time… in an impactful and accurate manner. We process Medicaid claims for a majority of states, collect clinical hospital data and predict patient outcomes. Through our pharmaceutical services line of business, we reach and educate healthcare professionals and consumers about pharmaceutical treatments and health conditions to improve patients’ lives. All in an effort to improve how healthcare is delivered and utilized.

We have pioneered the cost effective use of industry-trained, college-educated pharmaceutical reps over the phone and online video to deliver timely, accurate information about pharmaceutical products and their appropriate use to physician offices and pharmacies across the U.S.

Now, through the recent addition of LearnSomething’s capabilities to our suite of services, we can deliver digitally-based educational courses and information on pharmaceutical products and disease treatment for pharmacists at point of care in the retail pharmacy, for a patient on her smart phone when she is about to take her medicine, and to a physician on his iPad right before he treats his patient.

LearnSomething’s capability to develop engaging courseware, display important healthcare information in an easily digestible form, and provide it digitally to almost any device, is truly part of the Xerox effort to improve the delivery and use of important information in our healthcare system…. with the primary goal of improving patients lives.

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