By Brian McCullough, Call Center Operations manager

If you’ve ever been in Arizona in the summer, you know it’s hot – as in 100 degrees Fahrenheit when you wake up in the morning hot. Employees at our Government Healthcare Solutions Arizona customer care center know this can be deadly, especially for the over 6,000 men, women and children who live on the street in Maricopa County. In fact, many of these folks are served by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, a Xerox client.

This Xerox team’s big idea was to work with The Phoenix Rescue Mission (#PhxCodeRed) to support their “Hope Coach” van. This program distributes water and meals to the homeless, and encourages them to come to a shelter to escape the heat. The team gathered and donated 20,000 bottles of water to the cause. (Photo above.)

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Here’s what 833 cases of water looks like when it’s made into a “boss-surrounding” wall. Yes, the boss challenged us to wall him in. So we did.

Water for #PhxCodeRed


We collected so much water; we had to move our Ping Pong Table!

Water for (#PhxCodeRed