5 Reasons Why Automation Will Improve and Expand in 2016

By Steve Gardanier

Steve Gardanier
“Automation passed its trial period with flying colors. In 2016, enterprise-wide automated applications will become pervasive.” – Steve Gardanier, vice president of automation innovation, Xerox

After years of subtle advances in technology, we may very well look back at 2015 as the year automation gained traction disrupted “business as usual.”

Businesses far and wide have gotten small tastes of automation and understand its power. Two of our clients saw great benefits, for example:

  • New Jersey’s oldest and largest health insurer, Horizon Healthcare Services, minimized errors and achieved a 98 percent accuracy rating with the help of Xerox Automated Intelligence.
  • Customer care agents responsible for the State of New Mexico Medicaid are able to focus on callers’ concerns rather than administrative tasks, due in part to Xerox Case Management software.

But if 2015 is remembered as the year we ordered automation and enjoyed our first bite, 2016 might be the year we devour the technology and scrape our plates clean. In the year ahead, automation efforts will scale, moving from the periphery of operations to center stage, where increased quality and efficiencies will touch the entire business.

Here’s my list of 5 ways that automation will grow and evolve in 2016:

  1. Integration: Systems will be tightly coupled and allow for real time status updates and work tracking across various processes.
  2. Agility: New automated processes will be able to scale quickly and take on additional work.
  3. Teamwork: Handoffs between human employees and automated bots in a given workflow will become seamless.
  4. Control: Central configuration and monitoring of automated workflows will become available, much like network operations centers currently function.
  5. Learning: Advanced analytical tools will fuel improvements and evolution of automated processes.

In 2016, businesses will look beyond small, stand-alone pockets of automation in their work. Instead, they will look for comprehensive strategies and tools that improve the way work across the entire organization is performed. Which of the above are you most excited about, and what would you add to this list?

Xerox Automation Services allow us to deliver improved productivity, quality and reduced costs to your operations while allowing your staff to focus on higher value business processes.

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