New Year, New Xerox

By Renee Heiser, Vice President of Communications, Xerox

New Year, new Xerox.

Today, Xerox is celebrating a new beginning. With the recently completed separation of our services business (now an independent company known as Conduent), Xerox is on a new path with a revitalized strategy and expanded opportunities.

I’ve spent my career at this company and my colleagues are my second family. For us, today is filled with pride and optimism. We’re excited to be part of an $11 billion technology leader. We have deep industry expertise and together we are focused on improving the way the world communicates, connects and works.

Xerox has a rich history of innovation, in fact, we are one of the top 20 patent-producing companies in the world. We are dedicating our resources to helping our customers navigate the increasingly complex world of paper and digital. Our research and development activities will drive innovation in automation, content management, graphic communications, digital communications, analytics and printing for organizations of all sizes.

To commemorate this important milestone, tomorrow, at 9:30am ET we have the honor of ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. The opening bell signals the beginning of the trading day. Here at Xerox, we’re signaling a new beginning for our company and our customers. You can tune in here to watch

And one more “new”: We’ve renamed this blog to Xerox Connect. We think it more accurately reflects the mission of our company. Thank you for following our journey and joining in the conversation.

*Embedded video updated on December 4, 2017

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  1. Diego Pereda January 3, 2017 -

    Congratulations team! I am also proud to have worked at Xerox, such an amazing company!

  2. Samantha Akins January 3, 2017 -

    Congratulations to this amazing success.i am proud to a part of the Xerox family…….conduent

  3. Mike January 4, 2017 -

    Looking forward to new achievements and new innovations with a laser focus on driving new growth and revenues under the helm of Jeff Jacobson!

  4. Greg January 4, 2017 -

    I have 20 years with this company and I’m looking forward to 20 more wonderful years. All in!

  5. Nick MacGregor Sadolin January 5, 2017 -

    Congratulations to my favorite corporate group with its separation. A separation into Conduent and a new Xerox was the only right way for both businesses to continue, and I look forward to see, what innovations – in best Chester Carlson style – Xerox will come up with in the coming years ahead!

  6. sid bhattacharjee January 9, 2017 -

    I am delighted to see this happen. Being a old timer, I saw Xerox take the first leap from a copier company to document company. Here comes the thrid wave – the digital wave.

    It gives me goose bumps till date to see the old commercials of the 70’s reflecting how technology would shape work – string of innovations for the world to take note. Sadly, someone else made the billions.

    Hope this time, Xerox can live up to the reputation and regain status as a tech leader.

  7. Lynn Barras February 6, 2017 -

    Congratulations – excited to watch Xerox and Conduent in 2017!

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